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There are two kinds of PS VITA package files (.pkg):

1. PS VITA Game Packages (.pkg)

2. PS VITA System Packages (.pkg)


pkg_key_psp: 07F2C68290B50D2C33818D709B60E62B
pkg_vita_2: E31A70C9CE1DD72BF3C0622963F2ECCB
pkg_vita_3: 423ACA3A2BD5649F9686ABAD6FD8801F
pkg_vita_4: AF07FD59652527BAF13389668B17D9EA

Game Packages[edit]

Debug and Retail v1.0 (not the actual ones) PS VITA Game Package files (.pkg) can be decrypted & extracted using the "PS VITA .pkg xTractor"

A picture showing the unpacked game .pkg structure: PKGdirstruct.png

See also: System_File_Object_(SFO)_(PSF), Keys and PKG type

typedef struct{
	u32  magic;
	u32  pkg_type;
	u32  pkg_info_offset;
	u32  pkg_info_size;
	u32  header_size;
	u32  item_count;
	u64  total_size;
	u64  data_offset;
	u64  data_size;
	char contentid[0x30];
	u8   digest[0x10];
	u8   k_licensee[0x10];
	u8   sha1_hash[0x40]; //header hash
} PKG_Header;

typedef struct{
	u32  magic;                      // 0x7f657874 ".ext"
	u32  unknown_01;                 // static = 1
	u32  header_size;                // header size (0x00000040)
	u32  data_size;                  // data size   (0x00000180)
	u32  data_offset;                // data start offset (0x00000100)
	u32  data_type;                  //  = 0x00000360, Beta = 0x00000390, Retail 0x00000490 
	u64  pkg_data_size (or offset?); // 0x20 of data at the end used for an SHA-1 of the PKG
                                                         (size is always 0x1a0 on retail and beta pkg?).
	u32  padding1;                   // 0x00000000
	u32  data_type2;                 // Beta = 0x00000001, Retail 0xc0000002
	u32  unknown_02;                 // on Retail = 0x00000930, Beta 0x00000000
	u32  padding2;                   // 0x00000000
	u64  padding3;                   // 0x0000000000000000 
	u64  padding3;                   // 0x0000000000000000
} Unknown_Header;


        u32 data_offset_param.sfo        // at offset 0x318 (retail)
        u32 data_size_param.sfo          // at offset 0x31C (retail)

Firmware Packages[edit]

PS VITA Firmware Package files (.pkg) are inside PS VITA Update Files (.pup).

Those packages can not be decrypted, yet.


Game Update[edit]

It is a bit upgraded but basicly the same as on PS3. Once a game tab is opened, the VITA downloads a PKG for this game tab. This includes update information, such as if an update if available. If thats the case, the game tab will show you a yellow arrow on the top of the screen which gives you information about the update available. This information is stored in XML's which are gathered via URL's like this example one:

this is the content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<changeinfo titleid="PCSG00001">
  <changes app_ver="01.01">

This is the original update PKG. 

original link(SKFU BLOG)

the update is stored with the XML.[TITLE_ID]/[TITLE_ID]_T1/[Version]/[An HASH]/changeinfo.xml

Package Installer uses SceNpDrm to decrypt/extract the game package into a temporary directory. Then it calls ScePromoterUtil NID 0x86641BC6 on 1.69 and NID 0x716C81F4 on 1.80+ to "promote" (aka install) the files into the right directory in ux0. ScePromoterUtil is just a wrapper for a SceShellSvc call, so SceShell actually moves the files, then adds the LiveArea bubble and updates app.db accordingly. In theory you can use SceNpDrm and ScePromoterUtil separately and package your games in an alternative format.

System Package[edit]

Bytes are in Little Endian!!

typedef struct {
    unint32_t type;          /*type of pkg. must be 0x3 (Offset 0x04)*/
    unint64_t unknown;       /*unknown but static       (Offset 0x08)*/
    unint64_t hdr_size;      /*header size              (Offset 0x10)*/
    unint64_t content_size;  /*package content size     (Offset 0x18)*/
    unint64_t size;          /*package size             (Offset 0x20)*/