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Usefull information

ID Storage Source and explanation: [1] Save Data Source: [2] Kirk Engine Source: [3]


keyfiles should be placed in ~/.vita or %userprofile%\vitakeys



  • file prefix: pkg
  • file suffix: 092 103 105 106 150 151... etc.
  • key file (erk): %s-key-%s
  • iv file (riv): %s-iv-%s
  • ctype file (curvetype): %s-ctype-%s
  • pub file (public): %s-pub-%s
  • priv file (private): %s-priv-%s

PS Vita Keys

These are the PS Vita Keys.

Vita Game PKG Keys

These AES-CTR 128-bit keys are used in Game/App PKG file decryption. Vita keys use a different algorithm, you first encrypt the IV with the correct type of key, then use the result as the actual key for the CTR. Every pkg will use a different key as a result of this.

Type Version ERK
PSP 1.00+ 07F2C68290B50D2C33818D709B60E62B
Vita 1.00+ Type 2 E31A70C9CE1DD72BF3C0622963F2ECCB
Vita 1.00+ Type 3 423ACA3A2BD5649F9686ABAD6FD8801F
Vita 1.00+ Type 4 AF07FD59652527BAF13389668B17D9EA
  • Type 4 is (exclusively?) for PSM packages

index.dat keysets

These AES-CBC 256-bit keys are used in index.dat file decryption.

Type Version RIV ERK
index.dat 1.00-1.691 37FA4ED2B6618B59B34F770FBB92947B 06CC2E8FD40805A736F17CF2C13D58A6C8CF107E9E4A66AE25D39CA21C2531CC
index.dat 1.80+ 37FA4ED2B6618B59B34F770FBB92947B 272AE4378CB06BF3F658F51C77ACA2769BE87FB19BBF3D4D6B1B0ED226E39CC6

Title Update Download Link keyset

This HMAC key is for downloading game title updates. See link here for details.

Compiled GUI App: Vita Tools

Type Version HMAC
Title Update 1.00+ E5E278AA1EE34082A088279C83F9BBC806821C52F2AB5D2B4ABD995450355114